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  1. If a pupil is found coming late to school more than twice in a month or found absent for more than two days in a month the parents will be informed and the school will demand an explanation from them.
  2. Parents are requested to examine carefully the progress reports of their wards and co-operate with the school authorities in improving the standard of pupils. For the educational progress of their children it is necessary that they should supervise their pupils' study at home.
  3. Parents should attend all parent teacher meeting after each Mid - Term Test and Terminal examination.
  4. Parents should encourage their pupils to attend school regularly and do their home assignments promptl
  5. Change of address of pupils and of parents or guardians should be intimated to the class teacher.
  6. Attendance of pupils to regular school, special class, games, extra - curricular and literary club activities is compulsory and parents should co-operate with the school for their regular attendance in all these classes.
  7. Test note books and examination scripts must be signed by the parents after each test.
  8. Parents are welcome to visit the school. However they are requested not to enter the class - room during school hours.
  9. Parents must be strict about their daughters returning home from school immediately after school hours. If they fail in this connection it should be promptly reported to the H.M.