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Pupils should always come in their full uniform consisting of


Salwar in Copper Sulphate Colour
Kameez White Colour and Over Coat in Copper Sulphate Colour.

  1. For Std. VI to XII
  2. The students are to be in the school premises before 8.45 a.m. The school assembly begins at 9.15 a.m. When the bell rings pupils should march briskly, silently and in order to their respective places. Strict silence should be observed by the pupils in the Assembly.

    When the assembly is over, they should march silently to their- classes. School Assembly begins with a prayer song, sung by all pupils. The class incharge of the assembly programme will present the Bible Quotations, Kural with its interpretations and Daily news and a talk on current world affairs. It will be followed by important announcement by the H.M.

    On Mondays hoisting of National flag, singing of National songs, National Anthem and taking solidarity pledge will be included. Important dates in the world History will be observed.

  3. Permission to leave the school premises during working hours will be granted only on the submission of a letter of request from the parents or guardian.

  4. Pupils marching from one classroom to another shall do so in perfect order and silence.

  5. Perfect silence is to be observed in class. Every pupil must take care of her belongings. The students are strictly advised not to use any costly ornaments. The school can't take any responsibility for the loss of things.

  6. Pupils should keep their classroom perfectly clean and the furniture in order. Pupils found scribbling on the school wall or throwing papers on the floor, spilling ink on the furniture, wall or damaging the school property will be asked to pay the cost of repair or replacement.

    As there is scarcity of water, pupils are requested not to wash their tiffin boxes at the school premises. They are further requested to bring a spoon and a serviette along with their lunch boxes and leave the verandhas and ground clean after their lunch.

    They are strictly advised not to eat in their class rooms.

    All the left over things of their lunch should be taken back in their boxes and cleaned at home.


  7. All correspondence addressed to pupils at school is subjected to inspection.

  8. Pupils who forge parent's signature, teacher's signature or alter marks will be liable to expulsion.

  9. Any kind of gift to the teacher either individual or collective is not allowed.

  10. Previous sanction from the H.M. is required. 

  11. a) For arranging any party at school premises.
    b) Collecting money for any purpose.
    c) To arrange functions to honour a teacher.

  12. Pupils are strictly forbidden to take part in any political activity.

  13. Pupils have to participate in anyone of the following extra curricular activities.