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Dear Theresians,

With the blessings and guidance of the Almighty I feel happy and elated to address you all as the Correspondent of St.Theresa Girls Higher Secondary School. As an educator I have experienced that children are “Uncut Diamonds”. They have to be cut and polished, to show out the real brilliance that shines in glory. Parents, teachers and dear members of the society we have a great task in cutting and chiseling the unwanted elements to redeem the purity of each child. In today’s world, life is a race. We are much bothered in winning the race but winning is not everything. Participation is more important than just winning. It is essential to have a good combat than to conquer. So it has become a necessity that our education makes our children much stronger to fight the battle of life. May God bless you all in fulfilling this task of moulding our children.

Every activity, celebration and event we initiate is enhanced as a community, solely for the betterment, development and the growth of every child entrusted to the care of our sisters and staff of St.Theresa GHSS. The management together with the teachers enhance a wholesome development of students bringing them out as radiant stars. My prayers and blessings for every endeavour of the school. May our Lady of Bon Secours intercede for each of you to reach greater mile stones. Best wishes for many more victories in the years to come.