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☛In the year 1945 at Pallavaram a small nucleus of a Primary School with five Standards was started by the devoted Rev. sisters of the Bon Secours from Mylapore.

☛In the year 1960, the Primary School blossomed into a Higher Elementary School. Due to the untiring efforts of Rev. Father Mathew Vetrical and Rev. Mother Mary Christie, our School grew into a High School on June 14 1963 with 177 students on its roll.

☛Due to God's Grace and mercy our High School was upgraded into Higher Secondary School from 5.7.1978. At the time of Ruby Jubilee Year, (1963-2003) the school strength was 4350 with 100 Staff Members.

☛During the tenure of Golden Jubilee year (1963-2013) at present there are 4800 students and 120 staff members.



St. Theresa G.H.S.S., the abode of knowledge, the heaven for the grooming teenagers and an institute with difference. The dedicated faculty members take every care to nurture not only the academic ability of the students, but also devote themselves to the all-round growth of all students. The support of the parents and the public goes a long way in consolidating the name and fame of the institution. The school on its progressive curve and the growing roll strength bears testimony to the fact. The students attain academic excellence as well lead from the forefront in co-curricular activities too. Its a matter of great honour and pleasure to be associated with the school as the Headmistress and be instrumental to scale it to imprecedent heights. Wishing all the very best for every endeavor being taken by the Management and St. Theresa G.H.S.S. fraternity. HEADMISTRESS St. Theresa G.H.S.S. Pallavaram



Our school marched into the new academic year, bearing in mind our motto of “Love, service, knowledge” to aspire to greater heights and greater glory for the year 2016-2017. We have yet another reason to showcase our pride, the election of our former headmistress Rev.Sr. Dr.Maria Philomi as the Superior general of the Bon Secours congregation. Most Rev. Sr. Maria Philomi, an inspiring flame for us Tresians, will ever be fondly remembered by us as an exemplary Headmistress with rich haul of experience, magnificent person of wisdom and values, ambitious and pious religious who has been serving God and humanity in her every walk of life. It is our privilege for having worked under her guidance.



“Go that extra mile in whatever your attempt. Failure will fear you and success will see you with a smile”. Learn from yesterday, line for today, hope for tomorrow, carve the nation’s future with great care. The best suited example of these sayings is Karmaveerar Kamarajar.The school celebrated his birthday as “ Kalvi Valarchi Naal” on 15.07.2016 by honouring him with due respect.



True happiness involves the full use of once power and talents. Proving these words were the programmes which show cased the talents of our students at the inaugural celebration of the literary clubs. It was presided by the respectable, renowned Mr. Nandakumar IRS, who witnessed the various cultural events displayed by each respective clubs. On the same day 23.07.2016 a Parents meet was also organised for classes 10 and 12 to discuss the various issues and challenges faced by the school and students. We had the honour of having the eminent and the most efficient icon Mr. Nandakumar, IRS as our President. He addressed the parents on . “How to motivate children to reach out to greater heights” It was indeed a very valuable and a thought provoking session both for the teachers and parents.



“Nevertheless, no school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children’s best interests. The Headmistress, parents and teachers of std 9 and 11 interacted in a fruitful manner voicing out their ideas. The meeting was ably presided by Rev. Fr. John Christy and social activist Mr. Christhu Raj.



“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own” – Ben Sweetland. Being understood the need of the hour the pros and cons of the NERP were discussed in a meeting on 29.07.2016 by social activist Mr. Christhu Raj . . . who mirrored the hidden details of the “ New National Education Policy”, focusing on the threats of the policy to the minority institutions, teachers and students which is in no way centralized quality education and value system in the children. The meeting had valuable guests; Our Vice Provincial Sr.Julie, Correspondent Sr. Angeline and Educational Coordinator Sr.Bridget.



Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud’- Maya Angelou Our dear sisters of Bon Secours strive to see a smile in the hearts of the abandoned, the widows, the orphans and the needy. The feast of “Our Lady of Bon Secours” was celebrated in school on 04.08.2016 with gratification and grandeur. The high mass was celebrated by Rev.Fr.Bosco.



“ It brought my mind and I stay confident that it will buy your’s too !” An awareness programme was conducted by Mr. Ibrahim Jamjami and team on the precautious measures of using the lift and elevators safely.



“ Pain is Temporary, Pride is forever”. But its worth to recall with gratitude the sacrifices of the patriots of our Nation on the Independence day. St. Theresa Girls Higher Secondary School gratefully show casts the sacrifices of many Indian’s through speech, skit, dance and drama on the 70th Independence day Celebration and salutes the Nation with Pride. “Be the change you want to see in this world and feel proud to be an Indian”. - Mahatma Gandhi was the concept of this prestigious celebration on the 15th August 2016 was prescribed by the Lion’s Club members and our dear teacher Mrs.Rohini B.T.Asst.



“The world is like a book, those who do not travel read only a page” . The school creates opportunities for the students to explore and gain knowledge by organizing Educational tours. This year the students were given an exposure to the weather, culture, setup, people, tradition and food of Bangalore and Mysore on 22.8.2016 - 24.08.2016. They were organized to visit places like Bangalore Museum, Mysore Museum, Brindhavan and Vishweshwara Museum. It was a wonderful experience for the students to learn many values and adapt themselves to an alien place.



“ A Fool wanders but a wise man travels’- Thomas Fuller It is often said that an organized tour is one of the most pleasant and rejuvenating experience. Travelling is life challenging, transformational, eye-opening and wondrous. It was our pleasure to organize teacher’s tour on 26.08.2016 and 27.08.2016 to Kodaikanal. The harmony and exhilaration of the teachers was unforgettable indeed! Our aim is to make our dear teachers stress free, happy and energetic with a positive vision ahead.




Ideal Teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own. - Nikos Kazantzakis. The school salutes, respects and rejoices the great pillars, our dear teacher; on the teacher’s day celebration on 3rd September 2016. Dance and music Skit and fun Merriment and mirth Gaiety and gratification Award and reward Honour and respect The smile on the faces of our dear teachers was our pleasure and satisfaction.